Shining a Positive Light

Have a positive attitude. Have an open mind. Have a great time. We couldn’t agree more with these rules to live by from Daniel Grieco of Salon Gaboa in Ontario, Canada—you may know him better as the Creative Vision winner at the North American TrendVision awards!

Another golden rule? “Always go into it well-prepared.” One way to prepare is by surrounding yourself with a team you can trust to help make your creative vision come to life. “Find a great mentor, someone who inspires you and means something to you.”

Since winning, Daniel has met plenty of inspiring stylists and expanded his network within the industry. NATVA was a great platform for Daniel, boosting his following and helping him to promote his work within the industry and across social media. But that hasn’t changed his attitude of gratitude.

“I’m going to keep maintaining my positive attitude and being grateful for everything that happens to me.”

As NATVA Creative gold winner, Daniel will get to cross Fashion Week off his bucket list. (Hello, career goals!!) He will experience all the behind the scenes excitement, working in a fast-paced environment alongside the best talent in the industry.

Taking the gold shined a spotlight on Daniel, but he’s not just in it for the glamor and glory. “I get tremendous satisfaction in making people feel great and actually changing the way they feel—in a positive way—about themselves.”

Daniel is all about working with people to make a positive impact on their life. If he wasn’t working behind the chair, he’d be at the front of the classroom as a music teacher. Sounds like he has the gift of giving and the makings of a mentor. “There is nothing to be afraid of—just go for it!” That’s music to our ears.


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Motto: You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.

Piece of advice you’ve received: Just be you and believe in yourself!!

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Instagram: @danielgrieco75

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