Canadian Inspiration through Innovation

Innovation and creativity are two traits that’ll get you far in the beauty industry and the tech industry. Just ask Wella Canada Creative Director and Educator, Sherman Wong. He left his engineering job in Silicon Valley to pursue his passion as a hairstylist. 10 years later, it’s clear he made the right call.

Sherman couldn’t be prouder to be part of the #WellaFamily. “Wella is a global family. There is such a strong connection between the people from Wella!” That connection is built on keeping an open mind and learning along the way. “Education is important. There are so many things we can learn from around the world. If I was to stop educating myself, I would feel disconnected from the world.”

Sherman has learned plenty of lessons along the way, and he has tips for up-and-coming stylists and pros alike.

“Don’t be afraid to try. Never stop practicing. Expand your network whenever you can.” His most important takeaway? “Find your mentors!”

Everyone has that one moment in their career they’ll never forget. For Sherman, his mentor was right behind him the whole way—literally.

“I was cutting a graduated bob on a client. I finished, and there was a voice behind me asking, ‘Since when were you able to cut a perfect graduated bob?’ From that moment, it’s been my mentor’s assurance in my ability that makes me feel more confident about myself.” Believing in yourself is one of the strongest tools a stylist can have.

As for what this artist has been up to, talk about major color creations! We’ve been drooling over pics from the recent Contessa presentation, featuring iconic hairstyles and a sneak peek at a new vivid color line launching early next year! It was Sherman’s first solo act of creative direction with the Wella Family. “I am excited to bring more inspiration to Canada and North America!” We can’t wait to see what he brings next!


Upcoming trend: Individuality—what makes me feel the most confident about myself—that’s my favorite trend.

Motto: Constantly compete against myself. I want to be a better me every day.

Piece of advice you’ve received: Don’t be afraid to work hard. It’s about all the effort you put through each stage.

Hair product: I love using EIMI Extra Volume. It gives such a good grip for brushwork during a blow dry.

Instagram: @sherman_wong