Lessons from a Lifelong Learner

You’ve seen Jamie Pierce-Elwell’s work around the world as a Wella Design Team Artist. You watched as she won the Sebastian What’s Next Awards two years in a row! But before all that, Jamie was a student in beauty school getting some real talk from Mary—an elderly woman whose hair she had permed—and Mary was NOT pleased.

“The first time I did her hair, she told me she didn’t like it and it was bad! It broke my heart.” But Jamie’s client saw what so many future mentors would see in her: passion and potential. “Before she left, Mary said she would see me next week. She gave me all the insight to getting it right.” Within a few weeks, Jamie had it down. Word traveled fast, too—other women started requesting Jamie for their perms and wet sets.

“This one client took the time to be honest with me and help me grow. I’ll never forget that. It’s the foundation that we build our careers on!”

Jamie’s career is a testament to her drive to keep learning and growing. “Education is the thing that keeps us passionate about what we do. If we don’t push ourselves to our next limit, it can create a place for complacent attitudes and lazy work habits.” Her work on the Wella Design Team has taken her around the world, where she’s able to share the Wella love in the studio.  “My inspirations continue the more I teach. Seeing people process the information and get excited once it actually clicks—that’s a wonderful feeling.”

It helps to surround yourself with people who inspire you, like the #WellaFamily. “I love that we can connect with our brothers and sisters, whether it’s down the street or across the globe. We all share a connection and passion for elevating the standards of this industry. We all speak Wella!“ Jamie’s earliest inspiration and first mentor was her mom. “She taught me that anything is possible. She raised me with faith in my life and because of her I followed my dream to do hair.”

Life is full of continual opportunities to grow. From an elderly client’s wise words to competing (and winning) in WNA to auditioning for the Wella Design Team (and becoming a member), Jamie has learned to keep chasing opportunities, and to take a risk on herself.



Upcoming trend: Lived-in curls and texture with sexy Brigitte Bardot fringe

Motto: “You can’t win if you don’t play.” – her grandfather

Piece of advice you’ve received: Smile and wave

Hair product: The entire Oil Reflections Care and Styling line from Wella Professionals

Instagram: @mizzj_at_play