Meet MCE Scholarship Winner – Ray Barron!

Self-proclaimed colorist, stylist and magic hair-maker Ray Barron found his calling the old fashioned way. He took the scenic route (and figured it out in the process).

“Growing up, I was that kid that couldn’t stay home. I would get into too much trouble. So my mom or dad would always take me to my uncle’s house.”

Ray’s uncle was a hairstylist. “It became a ‘summer thing’ to work with him at his salon. Once I got into my teen years, I went to an academy high school focusing in art, but something just didn’t fit with who I was.”

Ray was searching for his thing, and began to find his path by looking at a few hair schools.  He went for it. A year later, he was licensed and “ready to rumble!” Fast forward 8 years… and he’s got some major street cred, along with an adoring clientele.

“I found a love for hair coloring and it connected with an artistic side of me.”

And now that he’s found it, there’s no stopping him! He raced right into our hearts –  which earned him the Hairdressers at Heart Master Color Expert Scholarship.

“Honestly it was a HUGE mile mark for me; getting to show people who I am, what I can do, and what it means to be a colorist is breathtaking.”

With the MCE program came a new level of confidence and people skills –– in addition to new application methods and color theory. “Instead of informing a client with an obscure request that ‘No, I can’t {insert obscure request} because…’ I can now respond with ‘yeah I can make that happen for you.”

Like many of us, Ray joins the club of hairstylists who found true life, passion and fulfillment through the craft. “Being a hair professional allows me to reach into that person’s life through his or her hair and bring out their best features. hat is something truly magical.”


Color Trend: 

Advice received in the past year:
“Slow down and breathe.”

Hair product:
“EIMI Sugar Lift – I could almost eat it because it smells like candy!”