Master Gianpaolo Spills His Secrets

You know you’ve got it. But are you ready to flaunt it? Entering Sebastian’s acclaimed What’s Next Awards should be next on your #Goals list, which means it’s time to put your stylist game-face on!

And what better way to do that than by learning from a master? Enter Gianpaolo Colombo –– last year’s Affiliated Artist competition winner and this year’s expert mentor of the 2-day Groundwork: WNA seminar. Lucky you, because he’s ready to help you prepare your own entry for the competition.

The Groundwork: WNA seminar will supply you with wardrobe, a photographer, a makeup artist and one-on-one mentorship from Sebastian Design Team artist Gianpaolo. You’ll be responsible for bringing a vision, mission and desire for domination – and don’t forget a model!

Take it from a winner; the Sebastian WNA competition will set you apart.

“WNA has pushed my career to another level and has given me many opportunities with Sebastian,” said Gianpaolo.


He also noted that the competition reemphasized the importance of pushing boundaries, believing in himself and being tenacious,

“because everything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

After competing in everything from photoshoots to live competitions, Gianpaolo says that this one is really something special. “The hardest part? Not knowing your model once you reach the finals. It challenges you as an artist, both technically and mentally –– and it demands creativity.”

Take this from a winner, too: if you’re not 100% #confident now… the Groundwork: WNA seminar will help you get there.

Why? Because Gianpaolo says so.

“The Groundwork seminar is a great way to get a better understanding of the collection first hand from a Sebastian artist and offers MANY tools to help you –– from storyboards and wardrobe, to different principles of design and one-on-one mentorship.”

Take the 2-day class or not (but do!). This winner has some competition-worthy words of wisdom for you…

“Don’t be afraid. Just put yourself out there, and then you’re already a winner!”