The Go-Getter to Watch

Winning the ‘Sebastian What’s Next Awards’ was just an added bonus for Laura Rocha. This self-proclaimed artist who’s medium is hair, entered the contest to feed her creativity and push her boundaries to the edge.

“I’m super shy when I’m out of my element, but the moment I’m in my comfort zone, then my true colors shine,” Rocha explains, adding that the award proved to her that pure passion gets rewarded.

Now, she has more than enough opportunities to shine: an amazing spread on Modern Salon, attending NYFW, and working alongside the very same artists she’s looked up to her entire career – just to name a few.  These experiences have left a lasting impression. She’s motivated and inspired to join the Sebastian Team.

Rocha makes sure to mention that she didn’t make it this far in her career alone. There were several major influences in her life that have helped shape who she has become. She credits her mother for instilling in her the fearless and “go-getter” mentality which she expresses through her art. She has also been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the industry’s greatest:

“First and foremost, [Sebastian Artist] Marylle Koken, my boss, my friend and my mentor has supported me endlessly through my journey from the day that I started working with her to this point.”

Meeting [Sebastian Artist] Anthony Cole, at an onsite editorial, which she won prior to WNA was another make-or-break moment in her career. “[Cole] really was a huge support. I took all of his advice to heart. The whole staff and team in general really made me feel confident.” Rocha depicts that experience as “hard to describe, because it was that amazing!”

With the WNA behind her, Rocha is now looking toward her future and how she can provide the same kind of mentorship and support to others. She has already been invited to mentor students who are considering entering the WNA themselves. With her background and passion for the art, she has plenty of advice to those with the same aspirations.

“DON’T BE SCARED. Fear is our worst enemy.”

Without that mantra, she may never have had the courage to go this far. Those who take her advice to heart might one day find themselves backstage styling 45 models, as the clock is ticking down with only 4 hours to go. For Rocha, and others aspiring to express their artistry, this is where the magic happens. Laura Rocha can best describe the feelings and emotions that encompass this exhilarating atmosphere: “Being part of someone’s creation, concept and being part of the team that brings it to life really is MAGICAL.”