NATVA Mentor Tips: Choosing a Model

We know you’ve got a vision – now it’s time to show it off. Entering this year’s North American TrendVision Awards is easier than ever (AKA: just a few hashtags on Instagram), but there are a few important steps you need to take before you start your creation.

As hairdressers, we know finding a model means choosing a canvas for our work. Luckily, we have some #protips on the process from the industry greats themselves. Learn how to find and work with your model from these experienced mentors!

Wella Top Artist Dean Roybal (@deanroybal)
Use your artistic eye.

“Pay attention to the length of the model’s neck. When creating your masterpiece, you’ll want the most beautiful pedestal to hold up your artwork. Light can also add drama, so practice lighting before the photoshoot.”

Wella Top Artist Alexandra Matiz (@alexandramatiz)
Your model must portray your vision.

“Once you’ve selected a model, work with their features—not against them. Picture the colors and shapes you want to create for TrendVision: Do you imagine soft colors? Harsh lines? Keep those in mind and consider how your vision will translate to the model’s bone structure, skin tone and features. It’s very important that whatever style and colors you choose, they’re actually complementing the model.”

Wella Top Artist Michael Haase (@mmhaase)
Think in 3-Dimensional

“When choosing a model for a 2-dimensional photo, you tend to focus on what the lens can see—which can mean styling only one side of the head. For NATVA, think in 3D. Imagine bringing your vision to life onstage, visible from all angles. With that in mind, make sure your initial entry still showcases your technical skills in a 2D photo.”

Looking for more advice? Get hands-on studio time with top mentors in the industry at one of our TrendVision 2018 Editorial seminars led by Studio Signature Artists. With onsite makeup artists, wardrobe and photographers, you’ll walk away with your entire TrendVision entry.

Find all the competition deets, inspiration, prizes, and rules and regulations here. Entries close May 8, 2018.