Catching Up with the Color King – Mark DeBolt

If waiting around for inspiration is for amateurs, then NYC (formerly Minneapolis) colorist and two-time NAVTA winner, Mark DeBolt is a consummate professional. One that’s young at heart.

Spend two minutes with him, and you’ll feel the tingling sense of enthusiasm and encouragement –– the desire to teach and learn. We learned that four years ago when we talked to him last. Nothing has changed.

Time and experience in the industry has only bolstered Mark’s passion. The mentor teaches what he knows, and the students unknowingly inspire and shift the perspective of the mentor.

But what in recent history makes Mark, Mark?

He relocated to New York, for one.

“There is so much life here, and I find the people on the street to be the most interesting. They come from every corner of the world, bringing their own unique energy and add to the electricity in the air.”

He’s grown as a person in the past four years, too.

“Starting over gives you a chance to think about what kind of person you are. I found the space to see how my thoughts, actions and words affect those around me and how they affect myself.”

And that definitely helps Mark in the day-to-day as he continues the mentor/mentee relationship with just about everyone that crosses his path.“I am mentored by everyone that I work with, including my clients. They have mentored me in a way too.”

So what would Mark advise to stylists who are looking for growth?

Put in the time. Put in the effort. Put in the focus.

“It all starts behind the chair. This is where you learn discipline, communication, technique, timing and artistry.”

And on finding inspiration?

Simply put, “do not look to someone else to inspire you. It will come from inside of you. Remember that every thought and action you have is creating your present and future.”


Color Trend: 
“Natural hair color”

Advice received in the past year:
“Blow dry your hair to look like Brad Pitt in “Interview with a Vampire.”

Hair product:
“Wella ILLUMINA Color”