A competition of creativity for beauty pros.

TrendVision, one of the most prestigious events in the salon professional industry, presents to you the 2024 Beauty Envision Awards.

Inspired by the essence and beauty of the golden hour, SuperSelf embodies a cultural shift towards self-expression and empowerment.

Drawing from fashion's penchant for individuality and inclusivity, SuperSelf celebrates authenticity and confidence, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique identities. It transcends traditional beauty standards, fostering a culture where diversity is revered and self-love is paramount.

In fashion, it manifests through bold statements, eclectic combinations, and a fusion of styles from different eras, reflecting the dynamic nature of personal expression. Color trends within SuperSelf mirror the vibrancy of human emotions, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant neons, symbolizing the multifaceted nature of the self.

SuperSelf represents a paradigm shift towards celebrating the beauty of individuality and embracing one's true self, fostering a culture of empowerment and self-assurance.

That’s why we’re thrilled to continue extending this unique opportunity for growth and recognition to all beauty professionals through a hairdressing and nail art competition.

This year, we have something for everyone with 4 main categories + 12 sub categories that allow North American salon professionals, in all stages of their careers, to put their skills to the test and envision the next era of beauty.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete and win:
— $1,000 Cash Prize —
— Valuable Connections —
— Industry Recognition —

— A Complete Wella Education Certification —
(up to 2 years worth of education and valued up to $6500+)

— OPI VIP Experience —

Key dates:
Entries Open: April 1, 2024
Entries Close: July 1, 2024
Finalists Announced: August 5, 2024
Winners Announced: August 30, 2024

Entry requirements:
Entrants must follow these video requirements:
Time: Video entry must be 60 - 90 seconds long
Aspect Ratio: Video entry must be filmed vertically with a 9x16 aspect ratio
Entrants must showcase the following in their entry videos:
Intro: Video or voiceover answering the following questions:
Why are you entering #BEA2024?
What does “SuperSelf” mean to you?
Before: 360° video of model before
Process: Up-close video of technique, or product and/or color application
After: 360° video of model after
Final look: Still image of model from any angle that best showcases your work
Entrants must answer the following questions in the caption of their entry:
How did you incorporate the theme into your entry look?
What #PROtechniques did you use to create your entry look?
What #PROformula did you use to create your entry look?
What #PROproducts did you use to create your entry look?



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