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The Barber Journey. Get certified as an insider or specialist in Wella Barber by taking virtual and in person education.
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Barber Specialist


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Earn badges and a certificate upon completion to showcase your achievements!
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Just imagine becoming the barber authority that colleagues and clients rely on. So much more than a training program, The Wella Barber Certification Program will change your life and ignite your haircutting skills, leading to delighted clients and growing your business. It’s the accreditation that pays!
Certifications for the Barber Journey
Cut Specialist Badge
The Barber Insider Series is a collection of virtual seminars based on product knowledge and foundational expertise of our Wella Professionals, Nioxin and Sebastian brands. The sessions are live through Zoom and guided by one of our professional experts to allow you to interact and ask questions or self-guided. Once you have completed the Insider suite, you will take a knowledge check to ensure you have acquired the tools to continue your journey to the Specialist Series certification.

Barber Insider Classes

Wella Professionals Care & Style Discovery Class Image
Wella Professionals Care & Style Discovery
A product knowledge overview of Wella Professionals Care and Styling. Discover how you can treat your customers to 99% less breakage in only 90 seconds with our latest innovation, Ultimate Repair. Learn about all of the various Care products and services available in Wella Professionals. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
duration: 1.5 hours
Nioxin Discovery Class Image
Nioxin Discovery
Build up your knowledge and understanding of scalp and hair health. Expand your service menu and approach to thinning hair experiencing fragile hair, sensitive scalp and breakage. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
duration: 1 hour
Sebastian Discovery Class Image
Sebastian Discovery
Enable your creativity through understanding Sebastian liquid tools and gain confidence in proper product recommendations for your clients. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
duration: 1 hour
Instagram 101 Virtual Class Image
Instagram 101 Virtual
An Instagram Guide for hair professionals. If you’re looking to build your clientele, an educator trying to fill your classrooms, or a salon owner seeking to support your employees to grow the salon business– this class is designed to develop your entire Instagram plan. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
This class is an elective. It is suggested, but optional
duration: 1.5 hours
Cut Specialist Badge
Men are known to be some of the most loyal guests in the salon and more and more men expect their stylists to be able to provide the best grooming services. Our Barber Specialist Series covers all your needs to expand your service menu and cater effectively to your male clients. Barbering I, II, and III with take you through a deep dive on tools, services, consultations and technical hands-on workshops so you can confidently grow your business and male clientele.

Barber Specialist Classes

Barbering I Class Image
Barbering I
Barbering I is a great introduction to the world of barbering. Stylists will acquire an understanding of Barbering tools, Consultation overview, and the foundation of clipper fade: breakdown of different types of clippers, trimmers, box shaver vs. straight razor, combs, and how to properly sanitize them.
duration: 2 days
Barbering II Class Image
Barbering II
Building on Barbering I, Barbering II includes a refresher of Barbering tools and consultation while focusing on clipper fade with metal blades and plastic guards, an in-depth knowledge between fading thick hair vs. fine hair, dark hair vs blonde hair, different hair textures and curl patterns, and a detailed overview of head and face shape.
duration: 2 days
Barbering III Class Image
Barbering III
Learn how to grow your service ticket through refresher cuts, facial grooming, contouring, detailing, and retailing products for at-home maintenance. This seminar focuses on how to elevate the experience for your male client and a detailed review of head & face shapes that will help you understand how to best complement his features.
duration: 2 days
Barbering Money Makers Class Image
Barbering Money Makers
Business is the heart of this seminar. Learn how to easily grow your bottom line by introducing and combining services. Understand how to drive loyalty and set yourself apart with Best-In-Class Barber etiquette and chairside manners.
This class is an elective. It is suggested, but optional
duration: 1 day


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