NATVA Mentor Tips: Entry Photography

Your color placement is finally perfected. The style you’ve created is on-point. All you need to do is capture your TrendVision entry. Then you try to show the world this amazing 3-D work of art, and the pictures just aren’t showing off your hard work…

Whether it’s the lighting or the backdrop, a few of our Wella Top Artists are giving you the #protips you need to know to make sure you perfectly capture your TrendVision entry!

Wella Top Artist Claudio Lazo (@claudiolazo)
Simple Background

“When you’re prepping for a photo shoot, you want to keep the background simple and complimentary to the model. Let the work speak for itself. For a blonde model, you want to have a dark background in order for the work to show. If you’re working on a brunette and you’re showing more shape and form, you’ll want to have a lighter background so that shape stands out.”

Wella Top Artist Antonio Quintieri (
Pose for Perfection

“At the end of the day, judging is done solely based on your entry image. If your model doesn’t have the right pose or the right angle to show off your work, it will hurt your chances of becoming a finalist. So, whenever I’m doing my shoots, I make sure the photographer captures a few different poses. That way you have more options to choose from and can make sure the picture captures your color, your haircut, and your overall look – as best as possible.”

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Find all the competition deets, inspiration, prizes, and rules and regulations here. Entries close May 8, 2018.